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Making this site was fun. What left to do is to proof the concept. Until recently i didn't believe it was possible to test and proof this. uny, I also thought the same about explaining gravity. Now for me in my own perception gravity and acceleration are understandable and somhow i believe when the tests could be succesfull it also undertstates that how we are limited by our imagination. Things like "modern art", "music", "cooking a fine meal" are colouring our world These perceptions, created and driven by fantasy. The flavour of our imagination is driven by steping out of the box and leaving boundaries behind. This is the key for human exploration and involvement.

So enough of this. Let’s test, fail and concur. Time for play and having fun. Nothing to lose ( except our self-esteem 😊).

Test 1)

At this moment I believe it might be possible to detect the effect in gravity based on electric resistance. I tried to create a test but the more is look into it. The more I am  aware how little I know about electricity. So this boundary I will forget and just go for it.
I think when a conduit is placed in a gravity field the influence of the gravity field should give the conduit an acceleration. According to the theory a shift in Coulomb force is the result. When a shift of Coulomb force is induced then the electron proton binding differs in strength in opposite of the gravity directional force. So it might be detectable with using a electric current flowing through the conduit. With changing polarity the conduit could have more electric resistance. Based on coulomb force electrons could have more resistance depending on polarity.  Next pictures should give an indication.

Based on polarity and direction of the gravity field, electron flow ( electric current) might have more resistance trough the conduit. Why this could occur is explained in next picture.

This effect and electric current might be possible to test in a rotational device.
When the conduit is placed in a rational device, it will undergo centripetal force and as result a constant acceleration. This could have effect on how electrons can flow from one atom to another.  

Test to check if it is possible to measure electric current in a rotational device. And to find out how a scope is working. Current is flowing, rotation of the disk had no influence on the current.  Result of this test is that the carbon contact brush seems to be effective and not disturbing the measurement.
Disk has no electric resistance, so next step is to scale up and ad some resistance in the conduit(disk)
(more to come)
Test Failed, Magnetic induction from electromotor has influenced the test.    Signal however is stable. next test will be with bigger diameter and a conduit with more electrical resistance.                  


Started with building a big rotating wheel.
Wheel made from plywood. on the surface there are thin carbon conductors attached(75 ohm)
the conductors are placed in serial order connected with copper wiring.
At the center electrical carbon-brushes will connect the oscilloscope with the wiring and a block current will flow trough.
Expectation is that electrical flow due to the centriputal force ( continuous acceleration) has a change in resistance depending on the direction of the current.
It should slightly flow easyer towards the center of the wheel. ( more to come)
Test with rotating wheel wasn't satisfying.
Electric signal not stable enough.
Damage to the bearing with an unbalanced wheel as result.
Set-up looks OK and therefore another attempt with an improved wheel will be carried out

New test. looks that something is happening. Findings now are following.
Rotation speed doesn't look that important. ( in a steady state no change)
variation in speed is important. Fly wheel was build for horizontal use, but after running it in vertical position some change in electric signal occured.
More improvement is needed. Plan is now to reduce the mass of the flywheel. Current used engine begun to smoke. Also more carbon brushes will  be installed to get a better signal.
current test area has low temperatures ( around freezing point and moisture is to high) so when finishing construction a dry and warmer testfacility is needed.
Today the fly wheel with reduced mass is running.
now the equipment can be mounted combined with stabilisation of the fly wheel
Speed of wheel gives some safety issues so rpm is reduced and wheel stays in vertical position.

After hours of work i left the installation lying on its back in the garage.
Problem is that i am not the only one in my garage, also my wife does sometimes.
Result is a complete destruction and a lovely wife who felt extreme guilty and bad
She had a very bad day ( even the children were overwhelmed) while i was still at work. Ho is to blame? Me offcourse, leaving the wheel behind balancing on its back.
How to solve this? I will make a new construction and i gave my lovely wife who felt still guilty a incredible nice set of flowers with the remark "For the sweetest demolisher ever".

Completely beyond repair
The smallest of forces creating the biggest imaginable
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