Space-time dilution - gravity

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Space-time dilution

Consider the GPS satellites, traveling at 20200km height with an speed of ca 14000km/h.
Fact is that time on Earth relative to the time of the satellite is different. Based on different sources the time difference is around 38microseconds
Calculating it based on this theory 36.6 microseconds is found. This could be considered as a way of proofing the theory
The path taken here is as follows.
1) calculate the gravity at satellite level
2) calculate the "relative" radius of the hydrogen atom.
The radius of the hydrogen at the satellite is different to the atom on earth. Consider it like a balloon under water. It has a certain diameter. But when pushing the balloon deeper under water the water pressure gets larger and the balloon shrinks.
In a way this is analogue with the atom on earth vs the atom at satellite level. On Earth the gravitation is 9.81 m/s2 and on the satellite ca 0.56m/s2. So the external force on the satellite (gravity) is smaller.
This means based on the theory that in fact the atom at satellite level is a little bit enlarged. Now we need a little more explanation. We consider lightspeed as constant and that light is produced as an photon when an electron is changing in energy level.
The produced light wave has an certain frequency and wavelength. This wavelength is depending on the radius of an atom. So when an light wave is produced at satellite level, its length is relative longer as an light wave produced on Earth. We cannot measure this length directly. Say for instance that we send a light wave from the satellite to Earth, It will act like the balloon. The increase of gravity will change the relative wavelength. When lightspeed is constant the space depends on the amount of gravity. In this specific sample it can be calculated that the circumference of the satellite is ca 0.78meter bigger as expected.
4) This means when seen from Earth during one complete rotation of 360° the satellite circumference is 0.78 meter longer as calculated without the gravit effect. The satellite travels about 2 times a day around earth which makes the total extra length of the circumference ca 1.578 meters.
5) Calculating the satellite speed over a length of 1.578 meters we find 36.6 microsec.

Isn't this a nice approach? Lightspeed is constant and therefore lenght and time are related. (lightspeed c in m/s). In this example we calculated space is depending on gravity. Time to get a new definition for space-density.
The smallest of forces creating the biggest imaginable
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