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Gravity in action Animation

Due to difference in external Field strength the electron field density is reacting to compensate.

The field strength is visualized as an energy level by the Purple grids. The Grid below has a higher energy potential then the Upper grid. When an atom is positioned in such an energy field known as “Gravity field” or “Aether” or “XX” , the electron field density will adapt in such a way that the (external field) forces are compensated. When this occurs at atom level the resulting effect is an impulse force due to ”electron field change”. The impulse force is known as  acceleration.
All this is explained in this website.
As final result an sequence of how to calculate mass of a proton in a certain gravity field. The theory implies that gravity (acceleration) is caused by matter itself. This is despite the fact that mass creates an gravity field. The result is that mass is not pulling on another mass, but the gravity field influences the electron density field around an nucleus to create impulse in the direction of the mass

The smallest of forces creating the biggest imaginable
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